Welcome to the

Novato Museums Association

Six museums working together for the mutual benefit of all. Formed in 2015

The six Novato museums are small, varied in content, and each can be enjoyed in a hour or less depending on one's interests. They are situated in such a way that all may all be visited in a single day.

The themes of the museums vary greatly. From ancient Native American history (Museum of the American Indian/Olompali) to the story of Novato's beginning in the late 1800's (Novato History Museum). From very early aviation (Hamilton Field History Museum) to the Space program (The Space Station Museum). Finally MarinMOCA is a compelling Museum of Contemporary Art.

Visit all Six Museums in a day!

Click on the logos to visit the museum website for more information.

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Photo of front of Hamilton Field Museum Photo of family in fromt of Novato Hisstory Museum
Photo of Space Suit Photo of fromt of Olompali Museum
Photo of Museum of the American Indian Photo of fromt of Marin Museum of Contemporary Art